What is a Kirkland Mitsubishi Mr. Slim?

Appropriately named, “Mr. Slim” is a split-system air conditioning/heating unit; with the indoor portion only 7-1/2″ deep, a Kirkland Mitsubishi Mr. Slim is, indeed slim! Consisting of 2-components, indoor and outdoor, the unit is very quiet when operating. As a solution to multiple design problems, Mr. Slim has gained popularity among homeowners, businesses and contractors alike.

How Does Mr. Slim Work?

With an outside air compressor, connected to a wall or ceiling mounted indoor air handler, the unit works to either:

  1. Cool an occupied space as an air conditioner
  2. Heat an occupied space as a heat pump

Quiet operation allows for installation in sensitive areas like churches or meeting rooms. You never need worry about the noise from a window air conditioner again! For difficult construction, like historic buildings, no structural modifications are necessary to accommodate Mr. Slim.


Is Installation of Mr. Slim Difficult?

While the overall cost of installation of a Kirkland Mitsubishi Mr. Slim is about the same as a commercial roof top system, the benefits far outweigh the cost to install. For home installation, there is a great savings on installation as compared to a ducted system; especially if your heat is radiant. Without the need for ductwork or additional construction to conceal it, installation of Mr. Slim is also much easier.

The outdoor unit is placed on a pre-constructed level, concrete pad. You can place the indoor air handler(s) on an exterior wall or ceiling within 49 feet of the outdoor unit. With an approximately 3-inch hole for refrigerant lines and power supply, there is no need for major revisions to existing structures.


The Kirkland Mitsubishi Mr. Slim is perfect for virtually any application! Especially effective for cooling historic buildings, installation requires no alteration of an existing structure. As an effective and efficient means to cool any addition to your home, this system can reduce additional wear on an existing heating/cooling system. Also effective for use in guest rooms or any space that is not effectively conditioned, Mr. Slim is extremely versatile.

Because you can control individual room temperatures, there is an efficiency not possible with a standard whole-house system. You can cool/heat a room only when it is occupied; eliminating unnecessary cycling of a central system, conditioning unoccupied space. Additionally, for large spaces, it is possible to accomplish ‘zone’ heating/cooling within the space; although this would require the installation of multiple units.