We Have Your Hot Water Tank Service in Edmonds

We Have Your Hot Water Tank Service in EdmondsComplete Mechanical, Inc. has your hot water tank service in Edmonds. Now, a hot water tank is very much like a hot water heater – in fact, they function much the same way. But a hot water tank can also be a holding tank for much more hot water than is held in an ordinary hot water heater. In addition, another possible difference is that some hot water heaters are what is known as “on demand” water heaters; that is, they don’t even have a tank, they just heat the water when it is needed. Or an on-demand heater might heat up water that is poured into a hot water tank.

A hot water tank can also be a replacement part for an existing water heater. So you can see there are a lot of different ways that the term “hot water tank” can be used. However, there are some consistent components. Any container that is going to be filled with hot water – whether the water is hot when it goes in, or whether it is heated while it is in the tank – will need a safety valve. Hot water creates steam, which will press hard against the walls of the tank. Without the safety valve, the tank might explode. In fact, in the early days of trying to create a continuous supply of hot water for homes, hot water tanks (which were not equipped with safety valves in those days) frequently over-heated, and caused explosions and fires.

If it has been a while since your last hot water tank service in Edmonds, then give Complete Mechanical a call at (206)337-2360. We’ll be glad to give it a once over. Our technicians are fully qualified to check safety valves, thermostats and more, as well as install replacement parts if needed.