We Have your Boiler Service in Lake Stevens

boiler service in Lake Stevens

Complete Mechanical has your boiler service in Lake Stevens. We can clean, check pressure, calibrate thermostats, and deal with ancillary repairs such as steam pipes, intake and output water pipes, and much more. If you use your boiler as part of a heating system, July and August are excellent months to give your boiler the old once or even twice over.

Boilers are old technology that has been improved with modern changes. Older boilers – which we can service if you happen to have one – have become part of urban folk art. They are pictured as a sort of dark monster that lives in the corner of a basement, with tentacles that reach all over the building. In a sort of way, that is not a complete misconception. Boilers do well in basements – heat rises, after all – and the pipes that deliver radiant hot water or steam heat can reach all over a building. Those pipes have been immortalized in song (Knock three times…) as well as in art work. More modern boilers tend to be smaller, and to have updated thermostats, gauges and safety devices.  In the end, however, they all use that most basic commodity: hot water.

Complete Mechanical has your boiler service in Lake Stevens, give us a call at (206)337-2360 to schedule your maintenance visit today. If your boiler has become a little elderly, we are also prepared to do replacements, and can even handle retrofitting a home for a new installation or installing a boiler in a new home. We have the contacts, the equipment, and the experienced, well-trained work crew to make it all happen for you. When winter comes, you will be able to enjoy the comfort of radiant heat.