Water Heater Service in Mukilteo

water heater service in Mukilteo

Complete Mechanical is prepared for your water heater service in Mukilteo. We have the qualified staff, the tools, and the experience to make this essential operation go smoothly.

Water heater service involves giving your water heater a complete check-up to catch many common failures before they become an emergency repair. No check-up will completely negate the possibility of mechanical failure, but it can go a long way toward heading off common problems. A service check-up will include looking at or possibly replacing the anode rod, a device that attracts acidity in the heated water, diminishing the probability that it will munch on the lining of your water heater’s tank. It will also include checking all safety devices, such as emergency blow-out plugs, pressure valves and over-flow pipes. Thermostats are also on the check list – making sure that they reflect the actual temperature of the heated water. The heating device will be under scrutiny as well – especially if your water is heated with gas. When gas is involved, the ignition device for the burner, and the delivery lines are part of your heater check-up. Other heating options include electricity, solar, biomass, or heat pumps – and each has its own idiosyncrasies.

Complete Mechanical is prepared for your water heater service in Mukilteo, and we can be reached at (206)337-2360. We do keep office hours, but we know that water heaters and other HVAC devices can develop problems at the worst sorts of times, so we can be reached after hours and on weekends for those emergency calls. In the long run, your comfort is our business, since HVAC stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning – all of which deal with making the inside of your home or business comfortable for people and pets.