Water Heater Service in Mill Creek

water heater service in Mill Creek

Complete Mechanical recommends water heater service in Mill Creek. Not only does water heater service prolong the life of your water heater, it has the potential to increase its efficiency. Whether you are a single person living alone, or a parent whose house is being over run with children and teenagers, a good hot water heater makes your life more pleasant no matter the time of year.

Hot water heaters are made much more efficient now than they used to be. If you have not explored the options of tankless water heaters, this is a great option! Tankless water heaters not only never run out of hot water, they also last an average of ten years longer tan tank heaters. Tankless water heaters also take up much less space than tank heaters, and certain models can even be installed on walls up and out of the way of storage space. Another great benefit of going tankless is that without the tank, you run no risk of expensive leaks, which can often cause several hundred dollars of damage and repair costs. Tankless water heaters are also energy efficient and will save you money on your monthly water heating bill, as much as 20 percent.

Complete Mechanical, Inc., recommends water heater service in Mill Creek, call us at (206)337-2360 to learn more. We won’t say that water heater service will get twelve children through showering without running out of hot water, but we are certain that it will make a difference. Even if you live alone, giving your water heater a yearly once-over can cut down on your water heating energy bill and help to keep your water heater running many more years in the future. We will be happy to schedule yours.