Water Heater Service in Auburn, Keeping Up Your Modern Conveniences

Water Heater Service in Auburn

Complete Mechanical has your water heater service in Auburn. Water heaters are a vital part of your home infrastructure. They are a modern convenience that is probably one of the most beneficial advances in home appliances and resources – ranking right after having clean, potable water at the turn of a tap.

A seventy-year-old woman once described doing hand laundry as a “woman killer” of a job. First, the water had to be drawn from a well or carried from a spring. Then it had to be heated, either on a stove or in a large kettle over a fire. White linens were boiled in the first water, white clothing went in next, and then – as the water cooled and became more soiled – heavier outer clothing was washed. That doesn’t even cover the intricacies of making lye soap or smoothing the wrinkles out with a heavy flat iron. Contrast doing laundry in an automatic washer that is hooked up to both a cold-water line and a hot water line. Laundry, alone, is a good reason for having a working hot water heater. Where hot water heater service comes into the picture is that it keeps your hot water heater performing at its best ability. Service includes such things as flushing the tank, checking the valves and overflow, perhaps replacing the anode rod, and making sure the heating device is working properly.

Call Complete Mechanical, Inc., at (206)337-2360 if you need water heater service in Auburn. We not only can take care of your basic water heater, we can attend to added items such as radiant heat pipes or heat pumps that can work with your water heater to enhance your air conditioning system. Our licensed, certified field technicians have the skills to do it all.