Water Heater Inspection

An often-ignored appliance that usually sits quietly in the corner of a basement or cellar, a water heater is imperative for baths, showers, washing dishes, and more. Just like heating and air conditioning units in the home, such as heat pumps and furnaces, a water heater should have a yearly inspection to ensure that it is running properly, and no safety hazards are present.

The technicians at Complete Mechanical, Inc. are well-trained in inspecting and maintaining all heating and air conditioning units and appliances in the home, including water heaters. As part of a yearly maintenance check, our technicians will check the gas piping to make sure that the lines are holding pressure properly, and will double-check the fuel gas on the water heater along with the established type of gas used in the home. In other words, if the home uses natural gas, the water heater should also use natural gas. Technicians will also check to make sure that the unit is installed properly, and there is proper sediment drainage installed within the unit. Additionally, the flue and relief valve piping is also checked.

To schedule an appointment for your yearly water heater inspection, or to receive a free estimate regarding your heating and air conditioning units, please give Complete Mechanical, Inc. a call at (206)337-2360 to schedule an appointment. We specialize in energy efficient products that can help save you money.