Using Seattle Mitsubishi Mr. Slim Split-Ductless Heat Pumps for Unique Construction

If your older home, or unique design for a new home prohibit the addition of air conditioning in the past – this is no longer the case.  Rather than suffering another summer without the ability to make your living space comfortable, contact your HVAC contractor to learn more about using Seattle Mitsubishi Mr. Slim Split-Ductless Heat Pumps for unique construction needs. Without the need for ductwork, the units eliminate the need for providing ‘cover’ to disguise this traditional conveyance for conditioned air.

Case in Point

In 2003, a Lynbrook, New York HVAC contractor was presented the perfect opportunity to showcase the advantages of using Mitsubishi’s Mr. Slim in a particularly difficult situation. This amazing home, constructed of steel (from the homeowner’s steel mill) and glass panes, was in need of an air conditioning solution. The homeowner was taking bids to install a commercial rooftop air conditioning system.

Before their first meeting, the contractor was a bit surprised with the request to install a rooftop unit on a residence. Meeting at the home, the problem became quite clear! The unique 30-year old home had been featured in 17 architectural publications. A rooftop unit with all the associated ducting would destroy the ingenuity of the construction.

The Solution

Pointing out that a commercial rooftop unit penetrating one large pane of the glass & steel roof would ruin the architecture of the house, the contractor suggested using Mr. Slim instead. The homeowner, not familiar with the product, agreed to a tour of production facilities in Suwanee, Georgia.

Thoroughly impressed with what they saw, the homeowners were convinced that the ductless system was the solution to their dilemma. Fears that the air handling units would be noisy were instantly put to rest! Add to that the fact that installation requires just a 3-inch to 4-inch  hole through an outside wall, no bulky exposed ducting, and no exposed control wires; the homeowner signed the proposal immediately.

Proposed Design/Layout

Using all single zone Mr. Slim units, the proposal was to use a total of 4-systems; 1-each wall-mounted units in the living room, dining room and den plus 1-ceiling mounted unit in the kitchen. Meeting all local codes and eliminating unsightly large penetrations, the project was completed within 1-month of the first phone call! That includes the trip to Suwanee, Georgia, meetings, delivery, and installation. The homeowner was thrilled to learn that no wires were required between the units and thermostat controls – all units are remote-wireless controlled.

Praise for Mr. Slim

As the homeowner succinctly stated:

 “I don’t believe that I have ever seen an installation quite like this one,” Ment said. “By mounting the indoor units on our clearstory glass panels, Mohler was able to drill a perfect hole through the glass to pass the refrigerant piping to the outside units. He not only maintained the architectural integrity of our house, he introduced us to a technology that is at once quiet, reliable and efficient, providing us years of worry-free operation. This is an amazing product and fits our house like a glove.”