Time for Heating Service in Lake Stevens

Time for Heating Service in Lake StevensIt might be time for heating service in Lake Stevens. At Complete Mechanical, we are noticing the nights are cooler and that leaves on the deciduous trees are beginning to change color. Those are clear signs that winter is just around the corner. That means that this is a good time to assess your heating solutions for the upcoming winter.

Heating service for your existing heating system – whether it is a wall furnace, a boiler, or other style of heater – will help keep it up and running for the coming season. Service includes things like changing filters, blowing out the furnace cavity, cleaning the heat ducts and similar chores. If last season you found yourself supplementing your primary heat with space heaters, huge piles of blankets and so many layers of clothing that you felt like the abominable snowman, it might be a good time to consider adding a supplemental heating system. Split zone heat pump systems are a good choice both to cut down on heating fuel and to improve home comfort. Professional installation is relatively quick and easy, and the zones allow the user to adjust temperatures throughout the day to reflect use of various areas. In addition, some of these heat systems qualify for discounts, rebates and even grants. Check with your local utility company or your state.

At Complete Mechanical, we are noticing that it might be time for heating service in Lake Stevens, just give us a call at (206)337-2360 if your system hasn’t had its check-up this year. We are ready to help with your current heating system or to install a new one if that is what is needed. We are prepared to help you get ready for cooler weather.