The Problem with Heating Oil Fumes

heating service in KirklandNumerous homes and businesses today utilize oil to produce heat during the colder months of the year. Under normal circumstances, this is an effective and efficient means for climate control within a large or small structure. Significant problems can occur, however, when there are leaks or cracks in your oil burner and its specific equipment. The smell burning oil is a clue that something may be wrong. Contact the professionals at Complete Mechanical as soon as possible to provide heating service in Kirkland who can diagnose and solve your heating oil issues before further setbacks develop.

Allowing heating oil fumes to persist without treatment can be very dangerous to plants, animals and the inhabitants and visitors to your residence or commercial property. Burning oil releases a thick, heavy smoke that is high in carbon, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen and other toxic gases.

Ignoring these vapors will not make them go away, as they can cause noteworthy health hazards. Gaseous acids released by the burning oil can make it difficult to breathe, even for the healthiest individuals. Tissues in the lungs and respiratory tract can be damaged by repeated exposure. Those with compromised immune systems are particularly susceptible.

For routine annual maintenance and heating service in Kirkland, consult the technicians at Complete Mechanical. Call us today at (206) 337-2360 with questions about your heating oil system or to schedule an appointment. Let us help you to ensure that your oil burner is operating safely and in the most effectual and feasible way to keep you warm this winter.