The Hydronic Boiler

boiler service in BothellIn general, a boiler is a closed container of some type where water or some other liquid is heated – not necessarily boiled – for use in heating a small residence or large commercial property. A hydronic boiler or radiant heater heats water or different fluid to a specific temperature and then pumps and circulates it in pipes throughout a structure to radiators or baseboard heaters in each room or within the flooring to maintain a comfortable heating level in all areas of the building. Complete Mechanical provides installation, repair and boiler service in Bothell and areas throughout Western Washington.

Hydronic boiler heating is acquired through oil, wood or natural gas. The most common and economical method is using natural gas. It is extremely efficient, very reliable, convenient and affordable. This popular internal temperature maintenance system remains so because of the lesser environment impact that is required than other heating methods.

As with any heating system, periodic inspection and routine maintenance is necessary to ensure that all components are working properly and effectively to heat your home or business. The seasoned professionals at Complete Mechanical have the necessary experience and training to carefully and thoroughly evaluate your hydronic boiler and make the necessary adjustments and repairs to ensure safe and effective operation when you need it most.

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