Tankless Water Heater Inspection

While not a relatively new product to Europe, tankless water heaters have only recently begun popular in North America and the United States. They are an economical choice for both saving energy and saving money, and have grown quite popular with homeowners.

Like any other heating or cooling system within the home, a tankless water heater should have a yearly inspection to ensure that it is working properly, and poses no threat or safety hazard.

The technicians at Complete Mechanical, Inc. are experts in the field of HVAC and can check a tankless water heater quickly and efficiently. As part of a tankless water heater inspection, our technicians will check and change the filter, will check to make sure that water flows correctly, will look at the relief valve, and will also check the fuel supply. Compared to a water heating system with a tank, tankless water heaters typically pose few problems and should just be checked yearly, in addition to having a filter change. It may take longer to get hot water from the tap with tankless water heaters, and homeowners may often think that this is a problem that requires maintenance, but it is just an attribute of the system, as there is no holding tank.

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