Superheat Inspection Point

An integral calculation on air conditioning compressor systems, superheat refers to the number of degrees in Fahrenheit a vapor is above its saturation temperature. What a homeowner needs to know, is that a superheat temperature does not fall within a certain range, the compressor is not getting the correct amount of refrigerant. This could produce two different end results: either too much refrigerant is being injected into the system, making the home too cold, or too little refrigerant is in the home, and the air is too warm.

The technicians at Complete Mechanical, Inc. check the superheat temperature as part of a yearly inspection on all air conditioning systems. Using gauges, the techs determine the superheat temperature by taking pressure readings and temperature readings from the suction line.

A superheat temperature that is too high or too low usually does not require an intensive repair, but just a small adjustment by the technicians. In addition to yearly maintenance, superheat levels should be checked by a technicians after a compressor repair or replacement, and after refrigerant is changed or added.

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