Summer Is Here Now, But Prepare for Winter With Heating Service in Seattle

Heating Service in Seattle

August 2017 – timely heating service in Seattle might be the last thing on your mind, but Complete Mechanical, Inc. is ready to help you get ready for winter.

This August, on Monday the 21st, people living in and around Seattle will be in an excellent location to see the annual solar eclipse. This is one of the more awe-inspiring weather/environmental events that can be safely witnessed anywhere in the world. This solar eclipse will manifest in a diagonal path across the United States. The eclipse will begin at sunrise, and the moon’s shadow will pass over water for the first hour or so. It will make landfall in Oregon at around 10:15 in the morning. Seattle won’t get the full effect, but if the cloud cover cooperates, we should be able to see the event before it races on toward Idaho. If you plan to make your way to an area where you can see the total eclipse, be sure to take appropriate eyewear or equipment. Even though you might only be able to see a tiny sliver of the sun, retinal damage is a real possibility—you don’t want to make this eclipse the last thing you see, ever!

Compared to this galactic event, the onset of winter is small potatoes, but it will be with us many more days than the eclipse. Complete Mechanical is ready to help with your timely heating service in Seattle – just call us at (206)337-2360 to learn more about our services. We might even be able to give some tips on viewing the eclipse, but you can learn much more by going to the NASA website which gives full details on eye safety while viewing the eclipse.