Summer Furnace Service in Everett

Summer Furnace Service in EverettAt Complete Mechanical, we know that your mind isn’t on furnace service in Everett during the summer season. But as soon as those last mellow days of late summer begin to spawn chilly nights, your mind is going to turn to maintaining your own personal furnace dragon.

Sound silly? Many children’s stories have focused around the idea of heating a castle with a dragon located in the dungeon. While that idea is pretty entertaining, the care and feeding of a mythological creature could get pretty expensive – especially if his main diet consisted of young ladies from your neighborhood. Fortunately, a modern heating system is much less expensive and more ecologically sensitive than maintaining a dragon – or even an outdated heating system. Summer is the perfect time to get your heating system cleaned and serviced. That way if parts, repairs or even replacement is needed, it becomes a household expense for which you can plan – rather than being a chilly and uncomfortable emergency repair. Winter isn’t our favorite time to take things apart, either – especially if it means crawling into a damp, frozen space beneath a house. In fact, we like to get things well in hand for our customers before cold weather arrives.

Give Complete Mechanical a call at (206)337-2360 if your furnace wasn’t at its best in those last days of winter, or if it has simply been a while since your last furnace service in Everett. We can get your personal furnace dragon purring like a kitten long before the cold days of winter. There is even a chance that we can tone down its appetite for gas or electricity (no maidens involved) by making sure that the thermostat and moving parts are working correctly. After all, no one loves a noisy, gluttonous furnace dragon.