Spring is the Time for Furnace Service

furnace service in Arlington.It’s hard to believe that spring is almost here. It certainly doesn’t feel like it right now. As we close out an eventful winter and prepare for spring’s welcome warmth, it’s time for your furnace service in Arlington. Now is the best time to for a tune-up, not when the first cold spell hits next fall. Call the expert technicians at Complete Mechanical for an end-of-season assessment on your furnace. Our HVAC specialists are happy to provide furnace service at winter’s close.

Our experienced professionals will examine all parts of your furnace, whether it is powered by steam, hot water, air or natural gas to ensure that everything is working properly and ready for next year. They will carefully inspect the heat/cold source, all links between areas, ignition system, air duct exhaust, blower, thermostat, fuses, gas supply line, filter, duct work, pilot light, electrical connections and combustion chamber. All parts will be cleaned of accumulated soot and debris to aid in rust prevention and corrosion and to guarantee clear paths for warm air. We will advise of any parts requiring repair or replacement and can provide these furnace services, if necessary.

Complete Mechanical has serviced hundreds of residential and commercial furnaces in Arlington since 1995 and we believe in maintaining that quality of service and excellence. Schedule an appointment for furnace service with a company you can trust. Call 206-337-2360 today so you won’t have to worry about heating issues tomorrow.