Spring Forward with Heating Service in Seattle

As spring rapidly approaches, plans and preparations begin for outdoor projects that are conducive for the more favorable weather conditions that are upcoming. However, spring is the ideal time for your annual heating service in Seattle while it is still fresh on your mind.

Scheduling an appointment now will save valuable time in the fall when service professionals are busy working with everyone else’s heaters and ensure that your heater is working both effectively and safely to bring comfortable indoor temperatures.

A service call can reveal potential problems early enough so that they will not be as costly to repair.

Heating Service in Seattle

It also can facilitate peak operational performance when you really need it. Qualified technicians will complete a thorough inspection of all heater components, including: thermostat, electrical connections, appropriate lubrication of each moving part, condensate drain, gas/oil connections, pressure, heat exchanger, burner combustion, etc. Any areas that must be addressed will be handled efficiently, including replacement of worn parts.

Your heater will also benefit from monthly attention to the filters, which may include cursory examination, careful cleaning or replacement with new filters. This is a simple task for you to undertake that will increase the effectiveness of the heater.

To speak with one of the certified heating and air conditioning technicians at Complete Mechanical about heating service in Seattle, call our office today at (206) 337-2360. We are ready to give your heater a spring tune up in anticipation of the colder temperatures next winter.