Spring Clean with Furnace Service in Seattle

Furnace Service in SeattleComplete Mechanical can help you spring clean with furnace service in Seattle. Winter is working time for your furnace or heating system. Spring is a great time to check out that wheezing fan or the calibration on your thermostat. Furthermore, if you have central forced air, now is the perfect time to clean your heating and cooling ducts so that they will be free of dust when it comes time to run your air conditioner. Heat pump systems that both heat and cool can also benefit from a seasonal checkup.

One reason that spring is a good time for furnace service is because all the small, annoying things habits that your furnace might have picked up over the winter are fresh in your mind. By autumn, or even by mid-summer, you will have had time to forget that annoying cough it gave when shutting off or the way the fan was beginning to squeak. You won’t remember having to set the thermostat at 10 degrees higher or lower than the temperature you want to persuade the furnace to heat your area to a comfortable temperature. A service visit in the spring can mean a quick start-up when autumn heating season rolls around – something that can be incredibly important if the weather goes for a quick change around.

Complete Mechanical can help with you spring clean with furnace service in Seattle, just give us a call at (206)337-2360. We’ll be glad to schedule your furnace service, and we can even set up a time to get your air conditioner or indoor air filter ready for summer. Spring is one of those two pivotal seasons where everyone and everything is switching gears. We are ready to help.