Snohomish Complete Mechanical Services


An inspection will help to lower the possibility of the need for repairs, however, if repairs are needed calling Complete Mechanical is important. Our repair team is on call 24 hours a day; 7 days a week and will have repairs made quickly and efficiently with little to no down time. Our customers expect a certain level of customer service from us and that is why when repairs are made they are made correctly the first time every time.

Mini Split Heat Pump

Complete Mechanical has the personnel and equipment to install ductless mini split heat pump system in Snohomish. The system is more flexible than a standard heat pump system, and has less impact on landscaping and similar considerations.

Air Conditioning

Keeping an office building cool in the summer is not easy it takes a special type of AC unit for the job. Commercial AC units are used in office buildings and commercial establishments to keep them cool. If for some reason the system breaks down it will need to be repaired by a certified professional.


An Industrial HVAC unit helps not only to heat and cool during the year it also keeps the air free from unwanted items like smoke, odors, and other items as well. This works especially well for warehouses and manufacturing plants that have many employees working in them, however if this system breaks down or falters it can be uncomfortable for everyone as well as slowing production for the business.

Water Heaters

Heat Pump

For a business being economical is very important and one way of doing this is to use a heat pump for heating and cooling the building. Industrial heat pumps do this on large scales for warehouses and manufacturing plants, if they break down or do not work as efficiently as they would normally then the employees are not as comfortable and the energy savings are not there either.

Radiant Heating

Tankless Water Heaters