Signs That You May Need Heating Service in Woodinville


Signs That You May Need Heating Service in WoodinvilleDoes your home need heating service in Woodinville to keep you prepared for chilly autumn nights and cold winters? If so, Complete Mechanical has got your back. We are one of the most reliable HVAC services in the Seattle area, and we strive to bring you high-quality service at competitive prices every time.

Summer heating service is the best time to check on your heating system and make sure that everything is working. Not only is it easier to get assistance for your heater in the summer months, but because service requires your heating to be turned on briefly, it can help maintain items like boilers more easily.

Sometimes, however, even with regular maintenance, parts can still malfunction. Here are some signs you can look out for any time of the year that may mean that you require heating service:

● The first and most obvious one will be if your furnace or heat pump is not heating correctly. Whether your house isn’t warm enough for it is much too warm, there’s most likely an issue with the heating element or the thermostat, the latter of which may not be recognizing the dropping or rising temperatures in your home.
● If you hear strange noises coming from your heating system, that can be another sign of malfunction. This can include squeaking, humming, rumbling, or thumping. Whether your system is running or not, strange noises can imply some parts may need lubrication, or it could be a problem with the ignition.
● If the flame in your gas furnace isn’t blue, you need heat service. Generally, a blue flame signifies that all is well with your heating, and any color flame could mean that there’s a carbon monoxide leak, which is extremely dangerous. If you notice this, please call a professional immediately to rectify the issue.
● If there’s a crack in the heat exchanger, which generates the warm air that travels through your home, it puts your home at risk for carbon monoxide leaks and should be addressed immediately.

Whether you want a tune-up or you need parts repaired on your heating system, you can guarantee that the professionals at Complete Mechanical are ready to get the job done right for you. For more information about our heating service in Woodinville, or to schedule an appointment 24/7, call our team today at (206) 337-2360.