Should You Consider a Geothermal Heat Pump? Complete Mechanical Discusses the Benefits

A Seattle Geothermal Heat Pump saves you money by tapping the warmth in the ground to heat your home. Tried everything to reduce your heating bills over the years, and still spend enormous amounts of money trying to maintain a comfortable home? The Seattle Geothermal Heat Pump Experts at Complete Mechanical can provide you the option of installing this most efficient heat source.

What is a Heat Pump?

Generally speaking, a heat pump concentrates the heat in the air and displaces it to another location. Specifically, in the summer, a heat pump collects the heat in the air within a structure and dispels is outside. Conversely, in colder months, the unit gathers (concentrates) the heat in ambient outside air and transfers that collected heat inside.

It seems that heat pumps defy the basic laws of physics, right? In reality, a heat pump transfers heat, rather than generating heat. Considering many boilers and furnaces can exceed 80% efficiency and heat pumps exceed 100% efficiency, it would seem to be the most cost effective choice.

Geothermal Heat Pumps

By tapping into the heat naturally present beneath the ground, a geothermal heat pump is more likely to not need emergency heat back up on bitter Seattle Winter nights. The more accurate term is Ground Source Heat Pump; generally, the most efficient ground source heat pump pipe array(s) are buried at depths of 100 feet to 150 feet.

Benefits of Ground Source Heat Pumps

Although the initial installation costs of a Seattle Ground Source Heat Pump can be extremely high, the reduction of reliance on fossil fuels for heat can be substantial. A Geothermal Heat Pump can be used to heat:

  • Living Space
  • Work Space
  • Pre-heat Water
  • Swimming Pools
The cost to operate a Ground Source Heat Pump is substantially less that the cost to produce an equivalent amount of BTUs for heating with fossil fuels. Keeping in mind that operating the system still requires fossil fuel consumption for the electricity to run the fans and other components – unless, of course your local power is hydro- or air-powered. 

When properly sized and installed by experts, like the technicians at Complete Mechanical, you likely will not need an emergency supplemental heat source for temperatures below 20•F.

Installation costs aside, maintenance and upkeep of a geothermal heat pump system is negligible as compared to standard fossil fuel heat systems. It is crucial that when determining the real cost to own any heating system that you consider maintenance costs. Remember: the key to any heating system is to properly seal your structure against infiltration and leakage.

If you are considering a new HVAC system, the Seattle Ground Source Heat Pump Experts at Complete Mechanical can perform an assessment on your current system and determine the best system for your application. Whether radiant or infrared heat powered by gas, oil or electricity, or a heat pump system (standard or geothermal), Complete Mechanical can meet your every need.