Should I repair or replace my hot water heater?

Hot Water Tank Service in BellevueIn today’s modern world where convenience is of high priority, it can be rather unpleasant to deal with the effects of hot water loss. Sanitizing ourselves and our dishes and clothes is not nearly as effective or satisfying when forced to use cold water. When hot water is an issue, this is the time to turn to Complete Mechanical for hot water tank service in Bellevue. We will evaluate your hot water situation promptly to determine the best course of action.

There are really only two options to consider when your water heater breaks down. The question of whether to have it repaired or replaced is an issue that confronts consumers on a daily basis. Our experienced technicians can guide you in this process.

You should have your water heater repaired under several conditions:

  • The tank is still under warranty and the malfunction is covered under the policy.
  • The unit is not very old.
  • A repair is cost-effective; in other words, a repair will cost less than one half the price of a new model.
  • You like your current hot water tank or it has been very reliable.

Hot water heater replacement should occur when:

  • The cost of the repair is more than one half of the price of a new tank.
  • Your current heater is an older model. A new unit is more energy efficient.
  • A repair is not covered by a warranty.

Allow our experienced team to provide a consultation to determine whether you should consider a repair or replacement. Call Complete Mechanical at (206) 337-2360 to schedule an appointment for hot water tank service in Bellevue. We will be glad to help.