Seattle Mitsubishi Furnace Service & Repair

Your Mitsubishi furnace is very important to maintaining comfort and safety in your Seattle, WA home, especially during the cold wet winter months. The last thing you want to happen to you is for it to stop working during this time. With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it’s easy to lose track of your furnace’s condition, until the day you need it. At Complete Mechanical through our Mitsubishi furnace specialists, we provide to residents of Seattle several maintenance plans to keep you safe and warm during the winter time. Complete Mechanical’s Seattle Mitsubishi Furnace Service & Repair service professionals are guided by a wide-range maintenance system in order to ensure that every part of your furnace is comprehensively inspected.

If month after month you receive a high heating bill even though you’ve tried hard to keep it down, for example, setting the temperature low, this may be a sign that your Mitsubishi furnace is in need or servicing or repairs. Our certified HVAC professionals at Complete Mechanical possess the requisite expertise to properly service and correct any issues you’re facing with your Mitsubishi furnace so that your air quality can be kept high and your heating cost low.

If lowering your heating costs isn’t convincing enough to have your Mitsubishi furnace frequently cleaned and maintained, the threat of Carbon Monoxide poisoning of your family may be. Carbon monoxide gas, also notoriously known as the ‘silent killer’ is a tasteless and odorless gas that is poisonous to humans in larger amounts. Furnaces can give off high levels of carbon monoxide when they are not working properly and the problem is that without specialized equipment, you would never even know. Whenever Complete Mechanical’s technicians perform service repairs, we test for carbon monoxide emissions in order to ensure that your furnace is free from high levels of these emissions.

As a smart Seattle resident, we know how important it is to you to keep both your heating costs down and your family safe. Call Complete Mechanical at 206-337-2360 and let our Seattle Mitsubishi Furnace Service & Repair professionals ensure that your Mitsubishi furnace is running properly so that your family can remain healthy, warm and cozy.