Seattle Furnace Repair & Inspections

If your in the process of purchasing a new house more than likely one of your steps will be getting an inspection for your soon to be home. One of the most common issues that comes up during an inspection is the heating system. You will want to make sure you hire a professional Seattle HVAC Contractor, to ensure your money is well spent and to protect your future home investment.

In Seattle it’s extremely common to find homes using the old buried oil tanks that burn oil rather than using gas or are electric for heating. If this is the case I highly suggest that you follow these recommendations, to ensure safety and to protect against a possible leak!”

1. __ At this time the tank appears solid and leak free

2. __ Tank solid but showing signs of rust

3. __ Vent plugged or improper venting

4. __ Tank is very rusted & pitted, metal getting thin. Should be replaced as soon as possible.

5.__ Vent too small

6. __ You have an in ground tank between 10 and 18 years old, some suggest the tank should be pressure tested.  If you’re going to test a tank, a soil test, which costs about the same as a pressure test, will be more definitive. A tank could have leaked previously, had piping repairs, and a leak could go undetected by pressure testing]

7. __ Your in ground tank has water in it. Tank should be pressure tested to find out why.

8. __ You have an in ground oil tank more than 18 years. Tank should be replaced with either an in ground fiberglass tank or a 275 gallon in house tank.

9. __ Pipe joint compound on fill or vent pipes dried out. Piping should be ???reworked.

10. __ Needs fill cap(s)

11. __ Fill piping pitched wrong way

12. __ Vent piping pitched wrong way

13. __ Tank is over 18 years, recommend replacement

14. __ Tank has extended rust and should be replaced

After consideration of keeping the old oil tank running you may want to look into pricing of the oil used to heat the home. Since crude oil is a major price component of heating oil, changes in the price of crude oil will generally affect the price of heating oil.  Crude oil prices are determined by worldwide supply and demand.  Demand can vary worldwide with the economy and with weather. Supply can be influenced by the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries and other factors. If keeping your oil heating system is something that you  want to do then changing over to a gas or electric furnace is a great option and much more efficient. Make sure you find a good  Seattle Trane heating system with a heating contractor that specializes in the oil tanks and converting to a gas or electric furnace.  With a competent Seattle furnace repair technician, you can possibly replace the oil heating with electric or gas heating.