Seasonal HVAC Service in Bothell

HVAC service in Bothell

The seasons of the year are like a gigantic wheel that turns constantly. Complete Mechanical, Inc., has your seasonal HVAC service in Bothell regardless of which quarter of the wheel the Washington state area is passing through.

With the solar eclipse just days behind us, it is hard to ignore the way the seasons change and turn in tune with the dance of the sun, moon, and earth. Thousands of people flocked to watch the moon slide between the sun and the earth on Monday, August 21, 2017. Singer Peter Hollins made an amazing YouTube video cover of “Solar Eclipse of the Heart” at the crucial moment. Despite technical difficulties, the video is a spine-tingling reminder of just how great are the forces in our universe.

HVAC stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning, three vital considerations for the comfort of your home. Summer is drawing to a close, and sliding into autumn – a solar event that is more gradual and much less dramatic than a total solar eclipse, but that has more impact on our lives. Now is a good time to service your AC unit and your furnace, to get ready for the transition that will soon be upon us.

Complete Mechanical, Inc., has your seasonal HVAC service in Bothell, just call us at (206)337-2360 to begin getting your home ready for cooler weather. Checking seals on doors and windows, beefing up insulation, and getting your air conditioner and furnace ready for the big switch over is all part of seasonal HVAC service. We will be glad to help you get your home for Earth’s next revolution around old Sol. Making your home snug and comfortable is a primary focus of our business. It is what HVAC is all about.