Schedule Water Heater Service in Stanwood to Keep Hot Water Flowing

Schedule Water Heater Service in Stanwood to Keep Hot Water Flowing

Much of the population has experienced the unpleasant shock of being blasted with cold water when entering the shower. Where did the hot water go? A situation with the water heater is not only problematic but can lead to health issues, as well. Your dishes and some clothing must be cleaned at high temperatures to sanitize them and make them safe for use again. If you are having an issue with water temperature, contact Complete Mechanical to schedule water heater service in Stanwood.

The average water heater works well for 8-12 years, depending on which model you have, but periodic maintenance can extend its life for several years more.

There are three distinct advantages to having annual water heater service:

  1. The chances for sudden malfunction decrease with regular maintenance service. Inspection and servicing usually catch potential problems like leaks and corrosion before they get to be a significant issue.
  2. Water temperature problems like blasts of cold water and leaks are less likely.
  3. Increase efficiency and save money at the same time. As your water heater ages, it is common for sediment to build on the bottom of the tank due to minerals in the water. Tank flushing every six months or once a year takes care of this issue and permits your water heater to function better. Loud noises that emanate from the tank signal that it probably should be cleaned out.

Don’t wait to contact the experienced technicians at Complete Mechanical at (206) 337-2360. Make an appointment for water heater service in Stanwood. We address issues with your current model and can also install and replace gas, electric, and tankless water heaters. We offer convenient 24/7 service to fit into your schedule.