Save Energy Using a Programmable Thermostat with Your Seattle HVAC SystemHV

It’s true! You can lower your energy bills with a programmable thermostat! By setting the temperature of your home lower in winter or higher in summer when everyone is gone, you can save as much as $180.00/year in heating and cooling costs (US Environmental Protection Agency). And it’s so easy.

Easy Operation

Wouldn’t it be great to know that while your home sits empty (during work hours, etc.), that energy isn’t being wasted conditioning the air? Now consider that you can program that same thermostat to assure that your home is at peak comfort by the time you return. Most programmable thermostats are manufactured with pre-set points:

  • Wake-Up
  • Away
  • Return
You can set your system to only be at the most comfortable temperature while you are home and awake. Conversely, while you are at work or sleeping, there is no need to cool or heat the space to optimum temperature. By taking advantage of the ‘Wake’ setting, you and your family can rest assured that climbing out of your cocoon will be eased on a cold winter morning because the thermostat has been programmed to warm the house in time for your awaking. The general rule is: if you will be away for at least 8 hours, set your thermostat 10° – 15° cooler (or warmer) will save 5% – 15% on your yearly heating/cooling bill!
Decrease HVAC System Wear and Tear
By incorporating a programmable thermostat into your HVAC system you will not only save money on energy bills, wear and tear on your equipment will be minimized as well. Turning your system down/off when not in use will reduce the cycling of the cooling and heating components, reducing wear and tear. Ultimately, this effect will reduce maintenance costs and extend the effective life of your HVAC system! Maximum Benefits  Maximize your energy and money savings by following recommendations from US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and US Department of Commerce: 
  • Programmable thermostats have pre-programmed set points designed to maximize energy saving.  Homeowners should keep the temperature of their home set to these set points when no one is at home, at night, and bedtime.
  • You can adjust the temperature of your home without erasing the pre-programmed set points.
  • Become familiar with the hold features of your programmable thermostat.  Do not use hold/permanent/vacation features unless you will be away from home for an extended period of time, like vacation.
  • Attempting to quickly heat or cool your home by setting your programmable thermostat to extremely low or high temperatures won’t work and will only waste energy and your money.
  • The easiest maintenance task you can perform on your programmable thermostat is to check and/or replace the batteries.
Call Seattle HVAC Contractors to discuss adding a programmable thermostat to your HVAC system and start saving money today!