Refrigerant Leaks Inspection Point

As part of the proper maintenance of owning a home, you should have the air conditioning unit that cools your home checked yearly to ensure several things. First of all, you want peace of mind that the unit is running effectively and efficiently, and not costing you money. Secondly, you also want to ensure that the unit is safe.

At Complete Mechanical, Inc. our technicians are well-versed in all types of HVAC and refrigeration systems, and thoroughly check each unit to make sure of proper operation. One important point we look for is refrigerant leaks. To check for leaks, our technicians will first check the compressor shaft seal, followed by the evaporator. If no leaks are found here, we will move on to check all the connections in the air conditioning unit to ensure that no refrigerant is escaping. Our technicians will also check the pressure in the system. If a leak is found, we will fix it quickly and efficiently.

To learn more about yearly heating and air conditioning inspection, or to schedule an appointment for an inspection or maintenance, please call Complete Mechanical, Inc. at (206)337-2360. We can also provide a free estimate for any and all air conditioning and heating work.