Reduce Your Energy Bill with HVAC Service in Edmonds

HVAC Service in Edmonds

Complete Mechanical, Inc., can help you reduce your energy bill with an HVAC service in Edmonds. Winters in Washington can be very cold, and if you are trying to get by with an inadequate heating system, winter is when you will notice it. Don’t wait to schedule service when you are in dire need, call us out today to inspect your heating system.

November is when we certainly begin to notice any holes or cracks in our home’s heating. Part of your HVAC checkup could be adding weather stripping to doors and windows to cut down on the drafts. Some homes might see their heating bill cut by up to 30 percent, just by weatherizing. Winterizing openings that were formerly used for air conditioning, and upgrading worn seals can make a difference. Cleaning out filters can also be an inexpensive way to improve efficiency and get the heat to your rooms where it is needed most. Clogged filters can often be overlooked, but you might be surprised what a difference it can make once you have them replaced or cleaned. If you are considering an upgrade to your current system, heat pumps are a great option, because you will benefit during both the winter and summer months. Heat pumps are also more energy efficient, so while they most cost more up front, your return on your investment will be worthwhile. You can often secure rebates for new heat pump installation, as well.

Call Complete Mechanical at (206)337-2360 if your home needs an HVAC service in Edmonds. Your furnace doesn’t have to work as hard when the cold drafts are stopped up. We’ll be glad to help you and yours have a snug holiday season.