Rebates for Heating Systems in Issaquah Can Save You Money

Rebates for Heating Systems in Issaquah Can Save You Money

If you need to upgrade your current heater, your old one has just died or you are building a new home, it may be possible to qualify for rebates for heating systems in Issaquah. Here’s what you should know about the potential for savings potential as cold winter weather continues to appear.

High electricity or other utility bills are never welcome. As temperatures drop and tend to stay that way for a while, heating costs can skyrocket. The King County Public Utility District is happy to offer instant rebates for homes heated through electricity and for specific heat pumps. Enjoy comfortable indoor temperatures no matter what kind of weather we may have.

Complete Mechanical is proud to offer many home-heating choices and is a PUD registered community contractor. Rebates fluctuate depending on the kind of unit you install. Eligibility requirements include electric heat in a single family, townhouse or condominium up to three stories or manufactured home.

Here are the guidelines for the rebate program:

1. Talk with a knowledgeable technician at Complete Mechanical with questions about home heating and to get an estimate for service.
2. Have your heater installed by a PUD contractor for an immediate rebate.
3. The contractor will take care of your rebate application.
4. PUD will look over the documentation and inspect the heater, if necessary.
5. PUD pays the contractor the rebate.

What a simple process to save money! Contact the technicians at Complete Mechanical today at (206) 337-2360 to discuss upgrades for your current heating system or about installing an energy-efficient heat pump before even colder weather hits. Enjoy a comfortable home and cash in your pocket with rebates for heating systems in Issaquah.