Rebates for Ductless Heat Pump Systems in Everett

Rebates for Ductless Heat Pump Systems in EverettAt Complete Mechanical we know that just about everyone is interested in saving money on energy. That is why we are exploring rebates for ductless heat pump systems in Everett. Rebates and tax credits help reduce installation costs. Of course, another money saving feature is that these systems tend to reduce your energy bill.

Finding rebates is getting harder, but a good place to look is with the manufacturers. They are in the business of selling the units that go into making up the systems, so they are sometimes willing to give you a little break as an incentive to buy their product. Next, check in with your local energy company. For Everett, that is Puget Sound Energy. Energy companies are being asked to shut down older, less efficient generators and to discover cleaner ways to produce electricity. This means that they are happy for their customers to cut back on their usage by offering rebates for installation of more efficient ways of heating and cooling. They also have some grants and loan programs that can give home-owners a boost. Finally, there are tax credits at the state and federal level. These might not help much right away, but they can be super useful come January 2017. This year, 2016, is a good year to install your system, because the returns on rebates for ductless heat pump systems in Everett will be reduced next year.

Of course, in order to qualify for rebates and tax credits, the systems must be professionally installed by a licensed, qualified technician. That is where our team at Complete Mechanical comes in. We have the licensed, certified techs who can correctly size your system so that you will be sure to qualify for every available opportunity.