Radiant Heating Inspection

Radiant heating systems are systems that are specifically designed to heat the floors or walls of a house. They do not have dual purposes such as heat pumps that heat and cool, and they also do not use forced air, like a heat pump or furnace. A good time to check a radiant heating system is in the summer, before the cooler season begins. Radiant heating systems take a long time to cool down after use, so it’s best for a professional to look at them when they are not being used.

Complete Mechanical, Inc. has an expert team of technicians that can come out and inspect a radiant heating system. Like forced-air heating systems, it is best to have the system checked once a year to ensure its proper functionality, and to ensure that there are no safety hazards.
As part of an inspection, our technicians will check the flow control valves, mixing valves, proper fittings, pipes, and zones, in addition to proper insulation. A radiant heater boiler will also be thoroughly checked as part of the inspection. To fully inspect radiant heating, the system will need to be turned on near the end of the inspection.

To schedule a radiant heating inspection, or to find out how you can save more on energy efficient heating and cooling systems, please call Complete Mechanical, Inc. today at (206)337-2760 to speak with a member of our professional staff.