Comfort™ Coil

The Trane Comfort Coil unit is the industry’s first All-Aluminum coil. With over 10 years of performance, the Trane Comfort Coil has the reliability and efficiency you expect from Trane and the comfort your home deserves.

Below are a few of the features and benefits that are included in the Comfort Coil design:

All Aluminum Construction

All Trane Comfort coils are designed with aluminum, providing superior rust and corrosion benefits over copper designs. Rust and corrosions are a leading cause for coil leaks.

Leak Tested

Our Trane Comfort Coils are pressure tested to levels greater than 500 PSI to identify coils susceptible of leaks.

Cleaned Coils

All Trane Comfort Coils are pressure washed and dried at the factory, reducing risk of water blow-off or air quality from leftover oils and process agents present in the manufacturing process.

Factory Installed TXV

Allows for superior refrigeration management over traditional piston design and eliminates added cost of dealer installing at jobsite.

Foil Backed Insulation

Provides easy cleaning and quiet operation.

Noncorrosive Drain Pan

The two-way, sloped, noncorrosive drain pan prevents standing water, and also helps reduce the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria.

Painted Finish

The durable painted finish increases protection from rust and corrosion, and matches neatly with your Trane furnace for a total system look.