Plan Ahead: Schedule Furnace Service in Edmonds

furnace service in Edmonds

Complete Mechanical can help you plan for furnace service in Edmonds. Summer is a great time to think about your furnace service because these are the months when you don’t need your furnace daily. It is so much easier to work your way through such things as ordering needed parts or having a technician spending an hour or two with the furnace in pieces in summer than it is in winter when you might have to seek alternative heating methods.

Furnaces or heating methods come in many different styles and types. They can be powered by gas or electricity, they might even utilize a heat pump. Solar or radiant heat in the form of passive solar, biomass or heated water or steam could be involved. Some things, however, remain somewhat constant. If your furnace has an automatic turn-on or off system, then there will be a thermostat involved. Gas and water lines can develop leaks. Summer is a great time to check for those. Electrical lines can be checked for wear, age or rodent incursion. If you wish to boldly install a whole new system, then the warm months of the year are the perfect time.

Complete Mechanical can help you plan for furnace service in Edmonds, just call (206)337-2360 to learn more about the many options available to you. We promise that it is much easier to have your furnace taken apart when it is not needed than it is to spend several shivery hours or even days waiting for repairs or for an installation to be completed. From boilers that will also generate electricity to those marvelous mini-split heat pumps, modern technology offers an amazing array of options to the Avant Garde building owner.