Oil vs. Natural Gas Heating

furnace service in EverettSearching for a home heating unit can be a confusing and complicated process. Many manufacturers tout the efficiency and affordability of the specific models they offer. If you are in the market for a new heater, consider the differences between heating oil and natural gas to make the most informed decision possible. Complete Mechanical provides expert advice and expertise with home furnace service in Everett.

Natural gas heating is convenient in many locations due to nearby gas lines that are typically available. Tapping into that system is relatively easy and cost-effective. Newer gas furnaces are much more efficient than oil burners. However, natural gas is more flammable and produces carbon monoxide which is highly toxic and can be deadly in unventilated areas.

In comparison, utilizing heating oil allows you to choose your provider and you are able to shop around for the best prices. Gas suppliers must be depended upon for deliveries on their schedules. You must provide an oil storage tank on your property, which is an added initial expense. Oil burners are less expensive to purchase, however, and their emissions are much less harmful than gas. These units must be serviced more frequently than gas due to the accumulated dirt and debris in the furnace. The filters must be changed often and the nozzle attachments cleaned frequently.

Whether you choose an oil or gas heating unit, Complete Mechanical is available at (206) 337-2360 for your furnace service in Everett. Contact us today with questions about your heating unit or to schedule an appointment.