Not too Late for Heating Service in Edmonds

Complete Mechanical, Inc., would like to remind our customers and neighbors that it is not too late for heating service in Edmonds. As the days grow chillier, it becomes time to crank up the furnace or heat pump for another season of keeping your house warm.

Heating Service in Edmonds

Heating service can include checking your thermostat for accuracy, lighting the pilot on gas heaters or furnaces, cleaning out vents and heat ducts. It can also include cleaning out the furnace housing, checking on fans, wiring and other mechanical parts of your heater. Make sure, however, that the workers arriving at your house are actually from the company from whom your requested services. Our workers will be in one of our trucks and will wear our uniforms. All of the paperwork will have our logo or letterhead. Sadly, as cold weather moves in, unscrupulous people sometimes take advantage of your need to have work done inside your home to pretend to perform services and charge you for them – or even use the opportunity to check your home for valuables. Our goal is for you to receive professional services that will help you to keep your home both safe and warm during the coming cold weather months. And that includes not only taking care of your heating service, but also passing along safety tips for dealing workers who come into your home.

If you’ve not gotten your heating service in Edmonds, give Complete Mechanical a call at (206)337-2360 and we will send out a team of qualified professionals who will take care of your heating service in Edmonds. Should you ever have a question about whether a crew really is from our office, please call us right away for identification.