Mill Creek Mini Split Heat Pump

Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump System in Millcreek

Ductless Mini Split heat pump systems tend to require less energy and less space than a standard unit. One feature is that the exterior unit can be installed as much as fifty feet from the entry point into the house. This can be a great advantage when seeking an aesthetic placement for the outside unit.

Ductless Mini Split Heating System in Millcreek

The ductless mini split heating system has two main parts – the outside part and the inside part, as is common with heat pump systems. But the mini split is far more versatile than its larger cousin. First of all, the outside unit is smaller and has more options for placement.

Rebates for Ductless Mini Split Systems in Millcreek

We have the trained, licensed personnel who are qualified to do the installations – essential for making you eligible for rebates and tax credits. With that said, we are very sure that you will like the ductless mini split system. It is a type of heat pump, but has a much lower space footprint than its older cousins. Unfortunately, it also is slightly more expensive.

Rebates for Ductless Heat Pump Systems in Millcreek

Complete Mechanical has been going over rebates for ductless heat pump systems in Millcreek. Ductless heat pump systems are a great way to retrofit older homes and even to use in new installations where space is limited.