Mid-Summer HVAC Service in Bothell

Mid-Summer HVAC Service in BothellComplete Mechanical advises mid-summer HVAC service in Bothell. We have found from experience that summer is a much better time for HVAC updates, tune-ups, repairs and replacements than mid-winter. While it might be annoying to lose access to your air conditioner for a few hours, it is rarely as devastating as being without heat. There are exceptions, of course, since air quality and keeping cool can have health implications for some people

In most cases, however, cold is much more difficult to endure. More than that, it not only has health implications for humans, pets and house plants, it also impacts the plumbing system in your home. In spite of plumbing advancements, such as expanding pipes, frozen plumbing often results in a large plumbing bill, as well as creating the potential for water damage to your home. Summer offers a better opportunity for dealing with having your central air unit off for a few hours; it also creates better working conditions for our team. Better yet, it might even make your air conditioning unit more efficient and improve the indoor air quality of your home. Sometimes HVAC service can mean something as simple as cleaning out the ductwork and replacing the air filters – two simple things that can make an amazing difference.

If you are ready for a mid-summer HVAC service in Bothell, give Complete Mechanical a call at (206)337-2360. In many cases, it only takes a few hours to spiff up your HVAC system and have it back up and running. Of course, in older systems we never know for sure what a service call will turn up; but we promise to do our best to have your HVAC running again as quickly as possible.