Lynnwood Water Heater Service

water heater service in Lynnwood, WANo one really thinks much about hot water. We turn on the tap and it’s there when we need it. There’s also no doubt about how valuable hot water is – from that soothing hot shower after a hard day at work to the scalding sterilization of a commercial dishwasher in your favorite restaurant. The problems arrive when the hot water doesn’t. That’s where Complete Mechanical comes in. Our expert technicians have the knowledge and experience you need for your Lynnwood water heater service. We install, repair and service both traditional tank water heaters and the newer tankless models for all residential and commercial properties.

Standard water heater tanks can build up sediment over time. The quality of your water determines how much sediment you may have. Whatever the cause, sediment reduces the amount of water in the tank and can damage the heating element. Flushing the tank is recommended annually by our professionals to clean out the debris and check the heating element to ensure it is working properly. Issues such as smelly water, a popping noise from the tank, no hot water or not enough hot water should be addressed by our service personnel.

Energy efficient tankless water heaters take up a lot less room in your home or business but still need routine maintenance. Intake screens must be cleaned regularly to prevent blockage. These water heaters also need to be flushed periodically. The heating element may require replacement.

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