Lynnwood Complete Mechanical Services

Complete HVAC is the best choice- the residents of Lynnwood completely believe in that! They know they can trust the team at Complete HVAC for all of their Lynnwood Heating Services. From water heaters to HVAC repairs and installation, we take pride in our work and it shows in every job we perform. If you need help with your home comfort, call us today.


With our cold winter climate in Lynnwood, having a working heater is essential. We offer 24-hour emergency service for heating systems, just in case your heating system breaks down in the middle of a cold night. We at Complete HVAC have your best interest and your family’s interest our priority! We have technicians who are fully equipped with the knowledge of the products and the services, and they can come to your home or business and work on your heating unit to get it up and running quickly.

Mini Split Heat Pump

Our trained personnel will help assess your needs so as to match the correct size of heat pump system to fit your space. It is important to size the units to the space in which they are to be installed. If the unit is too small, it will need to run too often; overly large units can cost more money than is necessary to spend.

Air Conditioning

Life can be really uncomfortable without air conditioning in the summer months, especially when the heat waves hit it! Complete HVAC Heating serves all makes and models of AC units in Lynnwood, and we can keep your AC keep running efficiently.


We know HVAC units inside and out, and are ready to help you service yours. So whether you need your HVAC system repaired or need a new one installed, we are at your service In addition to repairs and installations, our technicians are highly skilled at making HVAC systems run more efficiently.

Water Heaters

Like to enjoy a long hot bath?  But run out of hot water during your morning shower?  You have to do the dishes and the laundry with ice cold water?  Maybe you are suffering from a catastrophic water heater leak or its time you install a new one. In any case, you need to find someone who knows how to service  Water Heaters to take care of the problem at hand. For hassle free repair and replacement of your water heater call your hometown HVAC specialists Complete HVAC. We know it is a difficult decision when it comes to whom to call when your water tank leaks, but we are here to help. So pick up your phone and dial away the number.

Heat Pump

Heat Pumps can lose their efficiency over the time, but this is not a thing to worry about much as this is inevitable. Nonetheless, it is best that you have Heat Pump Service Maintenance at hand to make your heat pump up and running in no time, should the time come for the maintenance. When you need to have your heat pump serviced, Complete HVAC is the answer for you.

Radiant Heating

Tankless Water Heaters

If you are looking for a way to make your home more energy efficient, without sacrificing comfort, then contact us for more information about a tankless water heater. Homeowners throughout Lynnwood are using these systems to lower their energy bills significantly.