Let Us Help You Breathe Clean Air in Bothell

clean air in BothellAt Complete Mechanical, Inc. we welcome spring – all that fresh air, sunshine, green grass and flowers. Achoo! We really do love spring, but we don’t love pollen – and this is surely the season for it. Nor do we love the mildew and damp that seem to come with spring rains. These things all impact your ability to maintain inside your home clean air in Bothell.

Fortunately, we have some answers. To help improve your indoor air quality, we have indoor air purifiers – including one that can easily attach to your heating or cooling device. We also have mini-split heater/air conditioners that can bring fresh air into your home without bringing in the outdoor air pollution – including the pollen. Of course, if you have a central air unit, spring is a good time to change out those filters and have the ductwork cleaned. This will help prevent recirculating dust particles throughout your home. Another way to improve indoor air quality is to avoid items that outgas indoor air pollutants. Finally, another way to improve your indoor air quality is to limit bringing in items that outgas odors or chemicals. These include some types of resin decorative items, vinyl furniture, and kitty litter boxes. That is not to say that you should refuse the gift of a charming statuette, a vinyl recliner or get rid of your darling kitty – it just means that you should be aware of their impact on your air quality.

Throughout all the seasons of the year, Complete Mechanical, Inc., has solutions that will help you maintain clean air in Bothell, just give us a call at (206)337-2360. Our air purifiers can help eliminate those outgassing odors and chemicals that seem to come with modern life. We can also assist with changing filters, cleaning air ducts and installing air conditioners that help filter outside air problems.