Keep Your Home Running Efficiently This Winter

Winter months unavoidably bring in the cold, but if winter also brings in sky high-energy bills, it’s time to call the pros at Complete Mechanical for Edmonds Heating Services. There are ways to better manage the winter weather, keeping your house warm and safe while also saving you money on those jaw-dropping bills.

Knowing how cold you can tolerate the temperature is important, really put some thought into this because every degree that you turn down your thermostat, you will be saving money. Although, your house and the pipes running through it have a specific request, do not set the temperature below 55 degrees in order to keep your pipes warm enough to avoid a potential burst. In order for your thermostat to run efficiently, clean and replace your filters on a regular basis to make sure that your heater is not clogged and thus working overtime. Keeping up with the proper maintenance will reduce your risk of having major problems pop up in the future. While checking on your heater is important, it’s also a good idea to look around the windows and doors of your home for any major gaps where warm air can squeeze its way out, while the cold air sneaks right in! Bad insulation will only cost you more in energy bills, therefore during your rounds, check for spaces that could use new insulation, caulking, or any other repairs.

When the cold months arrive, be prepared without spending all of your hard earned money! There are small things you can do to keep your house warmer, if any sun is out, make sure that the windows and drapes directly in the sun’s path are wide open to let in the warmth. Just make sure these same windows are closed at night, otherwise the chill will creep in only to linger.  Keep in mind that purchasing new appliances is an economical solution for those that are running old, non-energy efficient appliances.


Dedicating proactive attention to your home before and during the winter months will benefit you greatly, now and in the future! For all Edmonds Heating Services,  call the experts at Complete Mechanical at 206-337-2360 or by clicking here.