It’s the Perfect Time for a Seattle Gas Fireplace

Have you always wanted a fireplace, but just don’t have the space for a chimney? No problem! With a Seattle Gas Fireplace, you don’t need a chimney! With so many options, a gas fireplace can enhance any decor.

Benefits of Seattle Gas Fireplace

  •  Efficiency – a gas fireplace costs up to 75% less than wood. With no chimney or damper, once you are finished with a gas fireplace, just turn it off. No need to wait for all the embers to die to close the damper. Additional savings is realized because there is no heat loss through an opened damper. Imagine the heat lost from your home if you fall to sleep with a wood fire – as it dies, the warm air is sucked from your home. Furthermore, your primary heat system will run to maintain the set temperature as your home continues to get colder.
  • Eco-friendly – natural gas fireplaces reduce pollution and particulates released to the environment by as much as 99%. Many areas have even banned wood burning fireplaces.
  • Safety – with no sparks to worry about, the potential for house fire is greatly reduced. Additionally, because there is no chimney, there is no fear of chimney fires from creosote build-up.
  • Cleanliness  – because there are no ashes or creosote, gas fireplaces are much cleaner to operate than wood. There is no need for yearly chimney sweeping either.
  • Auxiliary heat source – since most gas fireplaces operate independent of electricity, it can provide an auxiliary source of heat during power outages.

Venting Options

Gas fireplaces can be vented either through the top or the back, allowing you to place in virtually any room in your home. Some models provide outside air for combustion, which allows you to seal your home tight during use. Models with blowers increase room heat by providing convection to the radiant heat from the fireplace. Since most gas fireplaces are considered “zero clearance”, they can be installed close to wood structural or architectural elements in your home.


Like other gas appliances, most gas fireplaces have a continuously burning pilot light. The pilot light ignites the main burner when  gas is introduced. If the pilot light is out, the safety mechanism will not allow the gas valve to open.

Seattle Gas Fireplaces with a standing pilot use either an electric ignition or a piezo ignition to ignite the main burner. Most units are operated by a switch near the fireplace. The convenience of a remote is available for some units, allowing for setting the room temperature.