Is Your Bedroom Temperature Uncomfortable? Seattle Split Zone Heating & Air Conditioning May Solve Your Problem

Make any room comfortableYour home is perfect – except for 1 thing – it is virtually impossible to have your bedroom comfortable without feeling as though your living room is in the troughs of a winter blizzard. This is a common problem with a simple solution! Used to be you would have to install a new air conditioning system, with at least multiple zones to maintain varying temperatures in each zone. The problem with this is the expense of purchase and installation – and there is still the issue that each zone may not keep the individual spaces at optimal comfort. While this is still a potential solution, as the Seattle air conditioning specialists at Complete Mechanical offers an truly elegant option – Split Zone Air Conditioning/Heating.

This amazing product allows you to place a single unit in any – or every – room in your home! No ductwork makes for simple and economical installation. With the condensing unit placed outside, the unobtrusive wall unit can be placed on any exterior wall in any room. With just a small (about 3-inch diameter) hole required to run condensate lines, installation is quickly completed by a Complete Mechanical technician.

Before suffering another sweltering summer night, think about the Split Zone Air Conditioning system for your home. Proven to be one of the most efficient means of maintaining the perfect temperature throughout your home, you can turn the units on in rooms as you need, with no wasted energy on empty space! As single units, the allergen control is superb as well. When deciding where to place your Split Zone Unit, remember they must be placed at ceiling height – as cool air is heavier than warm air – this will allow the cooler air to drop from on high….