Is it Time to Service Your Hot Water Heater?

Complete Mechanical can handle your hot water heater service in Everett. If you have not yet taken care of your yearly water heater service, now might be a good time to do it – before the weather turns super cold and you have guests for the holidays. It is no fun when the only bathing facility you can offer your family and guests is a cold shower.

 hot water heater service in Everett

The situation can be even worse if your water heater is part of your heating system. Having that go out on a holiday morning can put a real chill on the festivities. Unless – you knew here was an “unless” coming up, right? – unless you’ve installed a ductless mini-split heating system to take some of the load off your primary heating system. Mini-splits are not intended to be your only heat source, but they can go a long way toward taking the load off a forced-air or steam radiator system. They can even out the temperature in those rooms that never seem to quite be warm enough – such as the back bedroom or your summer office. It can even make the children’s room – the one that is always a little bit chilly unless the master bedroom has been heated up to resemble noontime in the Sahara – a pleasant place for your children and their guests to play. That can free up the living room for adult conversation.

Complete Mechanical can handle your hot water heater service needs, just call us at (206)337-2360. We can also update your old heating system with a more modern and efficient option, as well as assist with other energy saving projects. We know what the winters can be like here, and we enjoy the thought of our customers being snug and warm for the holidays.