Indoor Entering & Leaving Air Inspection Point

As a homeowner, part of your yearly responsibilities include maintenance checks and inspections on your heating and air conditioning systems. These yearly inspections are important most of all to check for safety issues and hazards, but a yearly inspection also ensures that your unit(s) is running properly and performing as efficiently as it should. A unit that does not perform efficiently could perhaps cost hundreds of dollars in energy costs.

The technicians at Complete Mechanical, Inc. do a thorough inspection of each heating and air conditioning system, with specific points on an inspection checklist. One of the items on that checklist is to check the indoor entering and leaving air temperature. Our technicians check this by using a mathematical formula, noting the temperature that is both entering and exiting the unit. If there is a problem, this could potentially affect the indoor air flow and air quality. Our technicians will troubleshoot it immediately.

To schedule a yearly inspection on your heating and air conditioning system, or to receive a free estimate on heating and air conditioning work, please call Complete Mechanical, Inc. at (206)337-2360 to speak with a member of our professional staff.