Indoor Air Quality in Lynnwood

indoor air quality in Lynnwood

Complete Mechanical HVAC can be of great help with your indoor air quality in Lynnwood. No matter what time of year it might be, the air inside your house is challenged. During the summer there is pollen, dust, and pollution from automobiles. In spring and fall, the pollen, leaf mold and mildew from the seasonal rain. Winter has fewer natural allergens, but dust and pollen can gather in your air ducts, new fabrics and other objects created from man-made materials will outgas moderate amounts of chemical fumes.

No one source of indoor air pollution is noticeable – unless someone is in the habit of smoke cigars indoors, or the family owns a large and exceptionally shaggy pet, but it all adds up. Pollen and dust from outside, chemical fumes, litter boxes, pet odors, and even certain lingering odors from cooking can create an atmosphere that is less than pleasant. In addition to cleaning ductwork and filters on your central air unit, we could also install an air purifier that can collect particles and even some types of gases out of the air. Some models also produce ozone, which has the effect of making the air smell cleaner and feel more alive. This can be important in the winter when an air exchange is not practical.

Call Complete Mechanical HVAC at (206)337-2360 to learn more about how we can help with your indoor air quality in Lynnwood. We will be happy to discuss your needs and present various options for your situation. Whatever the season, everyone enjoys a clean, fresh indoor environment that contains good, breathable air. There are many things without which we can live – we can do without water for two days, without food for two weeks, but we live only a few minutes without air.