Indoor Air Quality in Factoria


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Complete Mechanical is ready to help you with your indoor air quality in Factoria. In spite of the name, Factoria isn’t so very different from Bellevue. The original founders had hoped that it would become an industrial center, but somehow that vision just never quite took off. If it had, air quality might be a serious issue, but as it stands it is very similar to any other urban area in Washington.

Summer is a tough time for indoor air quality, especially when air conditioning season really hits. Even though air conditioners pull in outside air, cooking odors, pet dander, laundry aromas and more can get trapped inside your home. Some of those odors are good ones – the smells that speak of home and hearth, but some are the kinds that make you hope you can get busy with an air freshener before anyone important should come to visit. We can help with that in several different ways. One is to service your air conditioner or central air unit. Fresh filters and clean air ducts can go a long way toward creating better quality indoor air. Another approach is to install an air purifier  that will capture dust, pollen and other things that can collect inside anyone’s home.

Complete Mechanical is prepared to help you with your indoor air quality in Factoria, just give us a call at (206)337-2360 to learn more about how a service visit can assist you. Homes should have many good aromas, baking bread, fresh cut flowers, or even the floral scent of an air freshener unit, but too often they accumulate unwanted odors as well. We can help you solve that problem with air conditioner maintenance or the installation of an air purifier.