Improve Your Health With Air Cleaner Service in Seattle

air cleaner service in Seattle
Complete Mechanical has your air cleaner service in Seattle.  Many things can affect the indoor air quality of your home or business.  Certain types of building materials such as composition board, latex paints, figurines and statuary made from resin, and synthetic fabrics and faux leather can outgas fumes that influence your indoor air quality.  In addition to building materials, decorations, and furnishings, dust that filters in from outside through your air conditioner or heating system can also affect your indoor air quality.

Good air filters on your air conditioner and heating system can help cut down on the amount of dust, dirt and pollen that is admitted to your home.  However, these filters might not be sufficient if you have a pet, live in an area with high pollen or outdoor air pollution, to clean your indoor air.  Our featured product, Air Scrubber Plus, can work with your heating or cooling system to help keep your in their door there are fresh and clean.  It can attach to your furnace or air conditioner and uses only 18 kW of electricity.  It is made in the USA if that is important to you.  If you have a family member that is especially sensitive to air pollution, or if you just enjoy having that fresh spring smell without the pollen, this could be the solution for you.

Complete Mechanical has your air cleaner service in Seattle, just call us at (206)337-2360 to learn more about our air scrubbers.  No matter how good your housekeeping, or how careful you are to have people change shoes at the door, or how well your doors and windows fit, dust and pollen still seem to manage to filter in.  While an air scrubber, clean filters on your furnace and air conditioner, and similar measures might not be enough to keep all the dust and pollen out of your home, it can make a difference.