HVAC Service in Woodinville: Influences from History

HVAC Service in Woodinville

Complete Mechanical is ready to take care of your HVAC service in Woodinville. You might wonder just what is involved in an HVAC service call. HVAC stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Therefore, a service visit from us could involve your furnace, your air conditioner or even insulation and ventilation of your home.

Concern for heating and cooling, as well as indoor air quality probably began about the time that some early human discovered that a fire inside a cave might need somewhere for the smoke to escape. Nikolay Luvov, a Russian architect, wrote a two-volume treatise on the subject and with the assistance of the Scotsman Adam Menelaws, came up with some significant ideas. The design below is part of his effort to create a more efficient oven.

historical furnace design

He was also concerned about the deforestation of Russia and encouraged the use of coal instead of charcoal – although that venture did not turn out well since he did not understand how to store coal safely. The whole thing went up in flames – so very literally. The stores of coal were dumped in one big pile and caused quite a conflagration. But as you can see from the diagram, some of his ideas were quite interesting.

We focus on much newer developments, but people such as Luvov are interesting because some of their ideas still influence installations today. If you would like to learn about more modern HVAC developments and how they are significant for you, call Complete Mechanical, Inc., at (206)337-2360 to learn more about HVAC service in Woodinville. Imagine how fascinated Luvov might have been with heat pumps or even with electricity. Civilization has come a long way since the choice of heating fuel was wood or coal.